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27 Years | 1300 volunteers | 50,000 lives saved

At VCARE believe that we can be instrumental in preventing cruelty to animals.Our
dream is to provide a secure and dignified life to strays such as dogs, goats,cows,cats,
buffaloes,monkeys,donkey,pigs,vultures,kites and other birds.

What we do

At VCARE works towards alleviating the misery of strays and abandonned animals by providing veterinary services, a shelter and conducting educational and sensitization programs for the public at large.


How we do it

Equipped with facilities such as boarding kennels,rescue vans etc, we believe in providing our furry friends with only the very best.


How you can help

The success of our efforts are driven by your generosity.There are multiple ways in which you can help the the cause and no contribution is too small.


22 years of caring for abandoned and the less fortunate animals, VCARE is a boon for paraplegic,diseased,abused animals,nurturing them and nursing them to a life of love care and dignity that every life deserves. -Shilpa Doshi