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We at VCARE works towards alleviating the misery of strays and abandonned animals by providing veterinary services, a shelter and conducting educational and sensitization programs for the public at large.


Every year we receive hundreds and thousands of calls reporting animals in need. We rescue animals from accidents & injury. Pets arid farm animals can all find themselves in need of a little assistance from time to time. When they do we're hereto help.

Evening Feeding

Every evening we feed 120-150 street animals. Our wonderful dedicated team carries food and water in our mobile health care van for street animals to different areas of the city 7 days a week every evening and administers on the spot treatment to injured street animals, bringing them back to our shelter if need be.

Sunday mobile vet service

Sunday TTione veterinary clinic is conducted under the supervision of a qualified veterinarian and dedicated volunteers.

Animal birth control Program

We support the animal birth control program by neutering and castrating every dog brought to Aashiyana for treatment before releasing the ( if they are fit to be operated upon)


We try and re-home the abandoned animals and puppies brought to Aashiyana. There are no impulsive decisions and VCARE us certain that the animal is going to the right home. In addition, home visits may be required for certain animals and is often followed up With a past adoption visit.

Cattle camps

We also organise 3-4 cattle camps in a year in remote villages in and around Vadodara in association with government polyclinic for foot and mouth disease ( FMD)

Bird rescue camps

Every year during uttarayan festival on 14 & 15 of January we organise a camp at chakli circle in Vadodara in association With forest department to help the birds, injured due to glass coated manja as a result of flying kites.

Educational Services

We support teachers to develop responsible and active citizens by helping, young children to develop positive attitudes, values and behaviour towards animals and their environment We provide training, information and advice about animal welfare education. Our volunteers visit schools of vadodara to sensitize children towards animal welfare.


Every year we have 12-15 vet students from Australia, Canada & US , for a 10 days internship program under the guidance of senior vet Dr Erika Sullivan in the month of January.


I n first week of January every year we organise Matla- undhiyu program for all our well wishers, donors and supporters.

I support them wholeheartedly and invite all animal lovers to do the same, in the best way they can. -Sangeeta Purohit