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Our mission is to treat sick and injured street animals at our
facility Aashiayana and keep them till they recover and are able
to fend for themselves.


Street abandoned animals need to be dealt with compassion and VCARE works towards alleviating their misery
by providing veterinary services and shelter. We also conduct educational and sensitisation programs with
young school children and the public at large.


VCARE believes that love for animals and concern for their welfare can exist only in a rational environment and by scientifically working towards less exploitative methods . Problems in animal welfare issues where there are conflicts of interests in animal welfare issues must be resolved through education, counselling and consensus.


VCARE is not affiliated with any Political party and is not influenced in its acts or work by any political party or
religions. It carries out work only for the well being of animals.

Meet the Team

Nandita Amin

Chairperson & Managing Trustee

Nandita Amin is a landscape Architect,education manager,intrepid traveller,nature,animal & wildlife enthusiast and has had a sapecial love,connect and affinity towards animals since childhood.

Sukumar M Patel


He holds a bachelor degree in science with higher studies in MCA. Businessman by profession and an avid nature and animal lover.

Ms Poonam Bubber


She holds a bachelor degree in arts and owns her own business. She is a trainer at Heartfulness institute, a not for profit spiritual organisation and an ardent animal lover.

Dr Annapoorna Ravichander

Governing Council

She is an executive director at the public affairs foundation holds a PhD degree in history. Passionate animal lover

Suman Dadaliya

Governing Council

An Arts graduate by education and loves caring and nurturing street animals around her, be it dogs, birds, cows or any other animals.

Dr Pratibha Panchal


She holds a Doctorate degree in Geology and has been associated with the organisation as an administrative head at VCARE. She has hands-on experience in managing the NGO for over 23 years. At heart, she is an animal lover and passionate about their welfare.

Financial Reports

Organisations like VCARE restore our faith in humanity. I hope more people support them in their noble efforts.

-Sangita Iyer

Infrastructure and Equipment


Hydrotherapy pool is for all dogs & cats, who are prescribed hydrotherapy by qualified veterinarians. Our vet and attendants operate with care, compassion and integrity of treatment and welfare standards on any animal referred.


Rabies vaccination with deworming is done free of charge for all street dogs & cats.

Rescue Vans

Rescue Van/ animal ambulances are used during working hours to bring/transport the injured/sick animals to Aashiayana for treatment and care. Currently we have two rescue vans.

Quarantine Kennels

The dogs & cats coming to our facility for treatment with highly infectious diseases like parvovirus and distemper are kept in quarantine kennels until they recover completely.

Operation Theatre

Our O.T Room is used for minor & major surgeries of the animals brought in at Aashiayana

Mobile healthcare units

The Mobile healthcare unit is used on every Sundays to do the on-spot treatment of sick/ injured animals with rabies & deworming of all the street animals brought on location, free of charge.

Radiography machine

The radiography machine is used to do X-ray of the dogs and cats brought in at Aashiayana with a broken bone for further treatment.

Ultrasound machine

Ultrasound is used in many ways. Mainly for examining the body's internal organs for better treatment and care of the sick animals brought in at Aashiayana.

I support them wholeheartedly and invite all animal lovers to do the same, in the best way they can.

-Sangeeta Purohit