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This unfortunate girl fell into a pool of tar near the heavy water colony. She was brought to vcare where we cleaned her up. It took hours to do so, but she recovered after undergoing hydrotherapy and other appropriate treatment at Ashiayana.

Demodicosis is an inflammatory disease caused by the mites of genus Demodex. It is a common disease in dogs and the generalised form is observed in immuno-compromised canines. A study has been untertaken by scientists of Medicine and Animal Biotechnology Departments at the Veterinary College at Anand, Gujarat, India, where in lymphocyte blastogenesis is being studied in dogs with healthy skin and those with generalised Demodicosis belonging to different breeds, age and sex. Cytokine profiles are also being studied in dogs pre and post treatment with different treatment regimes to see the kind of response those drugs cause in affected dogs. All these dogs are street dogs from Vadodara and VCARE is facilitating the Veterinary College in this study.
This donkey was picked up from sahyog soc. Gorwa. As you can see the wound was so deep and filled with maggots that the poor creature was not able to open its eyes. If it was eating food from the mouth it was coming out from the neck portion. After the efforts of VCARE vet with the help of attendants it is in a much better state and is improving.
The 1st victim (Hariyal) of deadly manja brought to VCARE office before Uttrayan 2012.
A crow injured in a fight with cat was brought at VCARE for treatment and is doing fine.
Brownie’s reunion with his owner
This lovely, friendly Chocolate Labrador was found near Chakli Circle with a pack of street dogs by one of our well wishers who immediately called us. The dog was picked up by our team and brought to our shelter at Lakdikui. After about ten days of trying our best to find his owner, we found a good home for the dog. He settled down well in his new home where they named him Coco.

Finally on 20th February, 2012 after watching us on NDTV Good Times Heavy Petting show, the owners contacted our Administrator. It was sheer luck that

Mrs. Rajeshwari Alkesh was watching the show! The dog's name was Brownie and all is well that end's well....Brownie has been reunited with his owners.
Grey Langur hit and run accident
Grey Langur injured in a hit and run accident rescued and treated at the VCARE shelter. later on released it in its area.