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Vcare is the best as they are very helpful, prompt on your call and take care of the animals as they are their own pet animals...........hats off to vcare and best wishes to dr pratibha panchal and team members
- Mrs Bharati R Hazare
"For all those who care about animals, V-Care is a much needed support. An Ambulance, a Vet-on-call, an impressive Kennel, a shelter, they have just about everything to help you care for animals, be they your pets or "free" (let's not call them stray or wild). I am deeply grateful to them for supporting me in raising and taking care of my 18 "free" dogs. Animal lovers of Vadodara, support V-Care, in any way you can. Because they really care."
Yamini Venkatachalam, Vadodara
VCARE is doing excellent work in the area of looking after animals & birds. Saved the stray dogs sent by me for treatment and taken care very well by this organization.
-Tanmay Gangopadhyay
Dear citizen of Vadodara I know you are very penny key and cry horses about dog nuisance all over the city, but there is a remedy for it. You please cooperate with VCARE in their program Of sterilization (ABC) of stray dog, as it is deep humanitarian way to control dog population. You may not realize how but it will bear fruits in the long run.
-Dr. Sindu V. Bhagwat
This world is ours. When I say 'ours', I don't mean it belongs only to human beings.It means that we share it with various animals and plants.Humans have been thinking of the world as theirs and theirs alone, obvious to the pain and torture animals have to go through because of human activities. Just because animals can't speak, doesn't mean they can't feel.Very few people understand this. VCARE is an institution in Vadodara who helps injured,abused and homeless animals. I'm proud to be a member of it and hope to do my best in helping it grow :)
-Vanisha Sampat 
In this world of selfishness where people just care for their selfish motive, I have seen that VCARE organization is working for animals with their selfless motive to help the injured and distressed animals to their level best.
- Daxa pramod bhatt
Volunteer Testimonials
"During the three weeks I spent volunteering at VCARE I helped carry out day-to-day tasks and observed Dr. Neha's work. I was inspired by VCARE's dedication to helping all animals and the care that Dr. Neha showed when treating them. I also found myself growing more fond of cats and dogs by the day and I now like them more than ever before."
- Luke Hampton -California, U.S.A
"I volunteered at VCARE for three weeks and it was a wonderful experience. The amount of CARE that the staff has towards animals is incredible. They give animals a peaceful and healthy environment to recover and grow."
- Shlok Amim -California, U.S.A.
"I spent four weeks volunteering at VCARE's beautiful facility. It was a real pleasure to be around such passionate and committed people who truly care about protecting animals. VCARE is an environment of hope and compassion, and their efforts improve the safety and happiness of countless of animal lives."
- Lisa Bell -California, U.S.A.